Bee Green Lawn Care, South Shore MA

Services Offered By Bee Green Lawn Care:

Consulting: We’ll evaluate your lawn and create an individualized treatment plan that’s right for you.

Application Programs: Consists of 6 applications. Two with pre-emergence, one with grub control, and three with a spot weed control. Applications take place in early spring, late spring, summer (grub control), late summer (weed control), early fall (weed control), and late fall (weed control).

Organic Programs: No pesticides used in treatments

Top Dressing: A process of using a thin layer of organic material (compost) over an existing lawn to enhance the microorganisms, nutrients and micronutrients. It also helps with retaining moisture.

Aeration: A process that pulls plugs of dirt from the lawn to allow the fertilizer and water to work more efficiently. This process also enhances root formation.

Slice Seeding: Combines vertical mowing with seeding. As the machine goes across the lawn, it opens the soil and deposits seed directly into the soil opening.

Soil Testing: An analysis of soil to determine nutrient content, composition and other characteristics, including contaminants. Tests are usually performed to measure the expected growth potential of the soil. It measures fertility, indicates deficiencies that need to be remedied and determines potential toxicities.